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In 2013, here at RIMMS we had an idea. What if, instead of relying on paper for vital information associated with productions, we could make it digital? Accessible from a RIMMS log-in, anywhere with a web connection:
Release forms, microphone assignments, editorial logs, continuity photos and notes; all in a digital form, stored on our secure cloud servers for access by any member of production, anywhere in the world, instantly. Cool idea huh?

Well, we rather liked the it, and thankfully, some of the biggest names in British Television production did too; so the work began!

After months of testing, we were proud to offer a brand new way of working with contributor, editorial and technical information, all benefiting television and film production units with our use of state-of-the-art cloud-based environments.

Now, after three years deploying and developing our products on some of the biggest TV shows in the UK, we have some very exciting news for 2017. In May this year, we're anticipating the release of a completely overhauled RIMMS platform with greater functionality and flexibility, making the production process even easier from runners, researchers and APs, up to Production Managers, EPs and Commissioners. Sign up to our mailing list to be invited as a Beta testing user, and help us revolutionise the production process for a second time!

Until then though, you can still get all the great RIMMS services as before:

We have comprehensive platforms for:

  • Consenting and releasing contributors on location, even when there's no internet connection available,
  • Tracking microphone allocation information in real time and logging each assignment across the course of a shoot,
  • iPad-based sound mixing-by-picture for production-operated galleries or pre-hear positions,
  • Logging editorial events and rushes, with built in contributor tagging and unique rating system (in beta)

We don't imagine we'll ever stop delivering new features to further improve the offering, but here you can find out about all the features that are available right now. Just have a click on the links below or above to see more detail...

Mic Tracking

Visual microphone allocation tracking

Remote Mixing

Wireless audio mixing
with low latency listening

Event Logging

Real-time and offline
editorial logging

Digital Releasing

Contributor consenting
with or without signal

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