RIMMS Digital Release Forms

The First, The Best, The New Standard.

...and now recommended by albert!

Here at RIMMS, we've spent four years working and wiggling our way into being the UK's leading TV Production Data Management tool. Today, our primary focus is our revolutionary cloud-based contributor, location and material release forms system. And now, the kind people that make up Albert endorse us as part of their drive for more sustainable television production!

Digital Releasing

Comprehensive forms
with or without signal

Remote Mixing

Wireless audio mixing
with low latency listening

Event Logging

Real-time and offline
editorial logging

Mic Tracking

Visual microphone allocation tracking

Built for versatility, reliability and simplicity, our system comprises the latest cloud-tech and the most robust and intuitive iPad hardware to bring you a complete package for television, film & photography releasing, without the hassle of all the paperwork of yesterday.
So what's our history?

RIMMS@RimmsTV : Join us down at the “green zone” over the next 2 days at this year’s @tlgfocus event #focus2018 https://pic.twitter.com/i0xTTCMl8a - 1 year ago
"All went really well with RIMMS. I will definitely be recommending to all. I found people..."
Eleanor Rowe, Production Manager, Studio LambertREAD FULL TESTIMONIAL