Everyone’s personal data has been given a whole heap of new protective legislation to help insure our private information remains safely stored, fairly processed and never unduly shared: Great News!

Trouble is, if you’re the one collecting people's data — be it for release forms, production photographs or waivers — you now have a whole heap of responsibility enshrined in law when it comes to handling and storing that information.

And if you should fail to comply, the implications are massive.

So, what’s new?

With the GDPR coming into force, it is now extremely difficult to remain compliant whilst still using old-fashioned paper-release forms for your production.

The entire world has gone digital for a reason, and now the tide is turning against those who have been reluctant to move with it.

Even those who have chosen to use e-sign and PDF signature apps to make collecting forms a little easier must now be able to prove the location of their data, prove that its access is restricted to their own, authorised personnel, and prove deletion within 14 days of receiving a request; and these are things not easily-possible using consumer platforms such as google-docs, dropbox and amazon cloud.

What’s different about the RIMMS cloud then?

RIMMS was designed from its very inception to be specific to the TV industry, and whilst we offer cloud storage and backups, we achieve this using our own private server infrastructure based here in the UK.

...that’s one big tick for GDPR.

We have the ability to erase data pertaining to an individual in just a few clicks, and we have automated reminders in the system that will prompt you to erase your entire data after a set date beyond transmission so that you can prove that you’re not holding data unnecessarily.

...another big-old gold star for us!

Access to the system is password restricted and certain tiers have two-factor authentication in place for even tighter security. And we can monitor and track the use of every individual’s activity within it, so that you can be sure exactly who has accessed your data.

...and the Oscar goes to...

At first glance, GDPR looks like a whole world of pain for Data Collectors (such as production companies), but it doesn’t have to be.

If you appoint us as your Data Processor, you can rest easily in the knowledge that our transparent and simple Data Policy complies with yours, that our practices are in line with the new regulations, and that - crucially - we’re on hand whenever you need us.

Give us a shout and find out how we can help your company’s transition to GDPR compliance. Sure - it’s dull as hell, but it might save you a €20m fine, plus to kick-start your compliance and give you hands on RIMMING experience, we're offering your first releasing kit free on any hires booked during May or June.

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