In 2013, here at RIMMS we had an idea. What if, instead of relying on paper for vital information associated with productions, we could make it digital? Accessible from a RIMMS log-in, anywhere with a web connection:

Release forms, microphone assignments, editorial logs, continuity photos and notes; all in a digital form, stored on our secure cloud servers for access by any member of production, anywhere in the world, instantly. Cool idea huh? Well, we rather liked the it, and thankfully, some of the biggest names in British Television production did too; so the work began!

Now, we should probably talk about the elephant in the room... the name! Initially, RIMMS was a system developed with Audio Engineers working on the Bafta-Winning "Educating..." series for Channel 4. Back then, we offered just our microphone allocation-tracking and audio mixing product, and so RIMMS stood for Remote Integrated Microphone Monitoring System. By the time we expanded to all of the things we do now, the name had stuck and the seeds were sewn and RIMMS lives on!

"It's absolutely brilliant, I don't have to get on talkback every ten seconds to be..."
Adam Rickets, Sound SupervisorREAD FULL TESTIMONIAL