Internet access is one of those things that all modern productions take for granted. But when it isn't available,

or when the connection is slow or unreliable, the whole production can grind to a halt.

Sometimes, even if you can get a cable from a local provider or the venue you are filming at, it can be restricted by complicated proxy servers or government filters, especially if you're filming in a school, hospital or public institution. When a client of ours had this problem on their shoot, we at RIMMS put our heads together and came up with a solution...

We've built a very clever little box that combines internet from up to four providers and distributes it as one fast web connection on WiFi and cable. And, if one of those incoming connections were to fail, no problem; everything continues as normal.

We recommend this for all our RIMMS equipment as standard, but we can also provide this for offices or production areas on request. If you think this could be useful, or if you're having trouble getting a reliable internet connection on location, give us a call!

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"All went really well with RIMMS. I will definitely be recommending to all. I found people..."
Eleanor Rowe, Production Manager, Studio LambertREAD FULL TESTIMONIAL