RIMMS’ Environmental Policy

RIMMS acknowledges the devastating reality our planet is facing thanks to climate change and is therefore an organisation committed to a sustainable future, and to the promotion of sustainable practices in the television and film industries which it serves.
This is why we not only offer – as our primary product – a system and service that helps productions to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing paper use and printing waste, but also undertake what we do whilst employing environmentally-responsible practices in every reach of our business.


As a tech company providing a digital, cloud-based service, we maintain 24hr functionality thanks to servers which run all day, all night, all year. In order to offset this constant power usage, our servers are hosted in the North of England in one of the country’s greenest facilities; UKFast.
In providing our server infrastructure, UKFast operations are demonstrated to be carbon neutral by adherence to the PAS 2060:2010 specification, offsetting the carbon footprint of the unavoidable power usage incurred by running a business of this nature.
We also take great care to minimise power usage elsewhere in RIMMS, conducting much of our business on cell- phones thanks to the development of our in-house management mobile applications.


RIMMS supplies and maintains a stock of portable electronic devices for hire as part of its primary offering. By sourcing these devices from manufacturer-refurbished sales, and from second-hand suppliers, we are not increasing demand for a product that is being manufactured new.
In fact, our system runs on iPads that are no longer manufactured by Apple, and so, by utilising these obsolete units, we are working to dramatically increase the life of such devices, keeping them away from the scrapping process for as long as possible and getting the best-possible usage from them.

Other Factors

In addition to the above, we continue to strive for excellence in our environmental policies company-wide. From the fact that all our accounts paperwork, tax returns, and internal communications are electronic, to the fact that we use chemical-free screen cleaner on our devices when they come back in for service. The fact that the shipping boxes that we use to send out our devices when hired are guaranteed 100% recyclable material, to our choice of delivery partners – DPD – a company who proudly commit to operating a carbon-neutral service, measuring and offsetting their emissions.

RIMMS will continue to:
• operate, wherever possible, with service partners who adhere to green and carbon-neutral policies;
• avoid excessive power usage;
• provide a service which is an environmentally-friendly alternative to printed paperwork in the production
• seek new opportunities for improvement in this area, including aiming for 100% company carbon-neutrality
by means of offsetting our usage.

"It's not an overstatement to say that using RIMMS meant we captured significantly more..."
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