Production Duration

Tell us how many weeks your show will be in production (from filming start, to edit end).

Filming Duration

Tell us how many of those weeks will be spent filming.


Tell us how many Release Forms you’ll need us to turn into Digital Versions that can be completed using RIMMS. For example, if you have: Contributor (Fee), Contributor (No Fee), and Location (No Fee) forms, this would be 3 form templates.


Tell us how many releases (contributors, locations and materials, in total) you think you’ll complete over the course of your production. (An educated guess is fine!).

Releasing Tablet(s)

Tell us how many iPads you’ll need, and how many weeks you’ll need them.

Total Estimated Cost £32
We no longer offer fixed quotes for productions. However, this page uses the same clever maths to figure out what you'll end up paying based on the information you enter above. Feel free to return to this page any time your production requirements change in order to obtain an updated estimated total for your budget. If your production began in 2021, this calculator may not return exactly the same figure as you expected. Please contact us if you have any queries.

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