Here at RIMMS we are committed to pursuing a sustainable future.

Not only were we the first company in the UK to offer a green alternative to TV's paper-driven productions, we work closely with our infrastructure providers to make sure that even our systems are operating in a responsible, sustainable way. In fact, we are now recommended by Albert to help production companies turn their productions green.

By emailing forms and storing them in our cloud-system, we eradicate the need for printed archives of contributor information. On request, we can keep your data online for as long as you need to hold copies, getting well away from the tradition of printing and populating a storage facility with old, difficult-to-locate, production paperwork.

Our cloud and facilities partner - UKFast - operate a carbon-neutral server facility in the North of England and this is where our cloud servers are based. The benefit of working with UKFast is simply that we can ensure that not only are we saving paper in a very physical way by digitising forms, but that the process is not having a negative impact by way of power consumption.

Turning our world green again is the single-most important issue for our generation, so we won't stop looking into new ways to adapt and move to become even more environmentally friendly.

"It's not an overstatement to say that using RIMMS meant we captured significantly more..."
Jo Hughes, Series Producer / Director, Twofour BroadcastREAD FULL TESTIMONIAL