Oliver - Commercial Director & Founder

Oliver is one of the three founders of RIMMS and remains at the forefront of our development, pushing
the boundaries of what is possible and how we can work to further streamline the TV production process.

It was whilst mixing the award-winning "Educating Yorkshire" Oliver noticed the problem of tracking microphone allocations, and
after just a few weeks (and a few team beers with Adam and Julian), a solution had been built and the RIMMS adventure had begun.

He is also responsible for naming the company. Initially referring to our "mic-tracking" application, the acronym for our "Remote
Integrated Microphone Management System" has stuck, and remains a constant source of entertainment for everyone involved.

Adam - Technical Director & Founder

Adam's unrivaled system design and web development abilities are the reason that RIMMS exists. It is his wizardry that
means we are able to remain ahead of the competition, bringing fresh new technologies to the table, in record-quick time.

Adam has spent many years building a portfolio of technology companies based upon his own systems and designs;
leading the industry by implementing breakthrough ideas to simplify all kinds of commercial and consumer environments.

He has been on-board the RIMMS train since day one, and continues to come up with new
ideas and features that enable us to bring even more functionality to the RIMMS community.

"All went really well with RIMMS. I will definitely be recommending to all. I found people..."
Eleanor Rowe, Production Manager, Studio LambertREAD FULL TESTIMONIAL